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Tried and True Scaling a digital image is mandatory in order to assure the highest level of accuracy throughtout the planning process. The Akucal is the best selling scaling tool in the world and is trusted by the best. Functionality, durability, sanitation and passion for perfection come standard.

Akucal Evo Suction™ Base Image Scaling Device

akucal suction baseAvailable in 25mm, 25.4mm, 30MM

The NEW Akucal EVO Suction™ is the predecessor of the most versatile and best selling calibration stand on the market. A suction base allows for use on both horizontal table tops AND on vertical wall bucky boards making this stand a single source solution for all scaling needs. A patent pending radiolucent sphere holder and sphere size indicator unit ensures perfect visibility of the sphere in the image as well as the sphere size. Simply place the suction base near the area of interest and use the flexible arm to position the marker at anatomy level.  Please be advised that a smooth flat surface is essential for best results. We offer Smoothees below that address this issue.

SKU’s: ES-25-11, ES-25.4-11, ES-30-11

Akucal Rollr Precision Markers

precision markersAvailable in 25mm, 25.4mm, 30MM

Precision Markers are the most effective calibration tool used in radiology departments throughout the industry. Rollr markers are guaranteed not to skew due to the inherent divergence within an x-ray beam. Made from the highest quality surgical stainless steel with maximum precision. Rollr markers are the necessity of scaling and every facility needs extras. Available in packs of six (6).

SKU: sph-6pk-11 (25MM, 25.4MM, 30MM)

Akucal Flat-Base Add-On

The Akucal Flat Base is an Add-On for the already versatile Akucal EVO that allows you to use your Akucal on a horizontal surface that is heavily textured, padded, or is simply not a conducive surface for use of a suction cup.  The footprint of the acrylic base is 6″x8″ and has a padded bottom.  The Flat Base Add-On is a must have for Veterinary Clinics and trauma units.

SKU: flat-11

Akucal Undercover


The same sleek, stylish design that has become the standard for J2 Medical now offers yet another great advancement in image scaling.  The ”Undercover” uses a protective 2.2 mm copper shield to provide better clarity of the calibration marker by absorbing low attenuation scatter during body part imaging that requires higher beam intensity.  Better visualization of the spherical marker improves accuracy of the presurgical plan yielding improved post surgical outcomes!

SKU: UC-11

Akucal All-In-One Package

The NEW Akucal All-In-One package features all the tools and accessories needed for efficient image acquisition and templating.  The All-In-One package includes:

  • One (1) Akucal EVO Image Scaling Tool
  • One (1) package of Rollr Precision Markers (6 spheres)
  • One (1) Akucal Flat Base for heavily textured, padded, or any surface non conducive for a suction cup.  Size 6″x8″.
  • One (1) Akucal Undercover to provide better clarity of the calibration marker by absorbing low attenuation scatter during body part imaging that requires higher beam intensity.


Akucal Smoothee™ Surface Strips

smoothee surface stripsSmoothie surface strips make any NON smooth surface suctionable. For use with the Akucal suction base when a horizontal or vertical surface is textured. Each pack includes six 4×6 inch adhesive backed strips. Simply peel and stick as needed.

SKU: smooth-11

Akucal Ballclaw™ – Radiolucent Marker Holder

ballclaw marker holderExtra Ballclaws™ come in handy if sanitation is a concern. We recommend changing it out as needed or every month.  Extras are sold in 6 packs.

SKU: bc-6pk-11

Akucal PowerPAK™ – All Inclusive Variety Pack (2 rooms)

akucal powerpakThe PowerPAK™ is a starter package for up to two rooms.  Two (2) Akucal EVO suction stands, two extra Rollr markers (4 in all), 2 extra Ballclaws (4 in all), and two (2) Smoothee™ strips.

SKU: pwrpk-11

Akucal HeftyPAK™ – All inclusive variety pack (4 rooms)

akucal heftypakThe HeftyPAK™ is a starter package for up to four rooms.  Four (4) Akucal EVO suction stands, four extra Rollr markers (8 in all), 4 extra Ballclaws (8 in all), and four (4) Smoothee™ strips.

SKU: hftpk-11

Akucal FatPAK™ – All Inclusive Variety Pack (8 Rooms)

akucal fatpakThe fatPAK™ is a starter package for up to eight rooms.  Eight (8) Akucal EVO suction stands, eight extra Rollr markers (16 in all), 8 extra Ballclaws (16 in all), and eight (8) Smoothee™ strips.

SKU: ftpk-11